Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Managed to snap some photos during the ride last evening, after riding mostly my road bike it was nice to hit some trails with the MTB for a change!

It had been pouring down rain all day on Monday and I was a bit sceptical to go for a bike ride but by the time I was at the site, Källbotten there was just some minor drops and the coulds started to dissipate! =)

Some photos shot from the saddle:
The trails were still wet and the speed was not what I have been used to.
Then there was some obstacles here and there, the beavers had been busy!
I picked the wrong spot for stop for taking shots. A few meters further down Linkenn did a OTB, luckily all went well!
Erik went next, he managed to steer clear of the slippery pipe that was straight over the trail.
At the next lake there were more obstacles, I took the route to the right and missed the deep puddle but Erik planted his front wheel straight in it, this time I got a shot! :)
Of course my directions were misinterpreted and Linkenn rode into the same puddle, a nice smell emerged from the muddy water. A quick stop to wash the worst away.
Back on track!
A couple of more shots from the bike.
Only a hour ride (12km) since there was some car trouble but it was a good workout! Always surprised how effortless the track is when getting on site with car and skipping the climb up to Källbotten.

Did my best to remove all the goo before loading the bike into the car but when at home I decided to shower off the rest of the dirt since the bike was already disassembled, think I managed to get half the forest with me back home. :)

Link to proper GPS-tracking: http://www.endomondo.com/workouts/mGRZ17uz8i0

Must make a revisit when the conditions is dryer!

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  1. I did some serious clearing up of the drainage from the puddle next to the lake, so it's been even worse but I suspect it will never go away.