Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trail blazing...

After a weekend without any biking I had to take a short ride yesterday, the weather was OK but the forecast for Tuesday was looking worse so no excuses!

Since it was so windy I decided to take the mountain bike and start the route against the wind. That meant going up the Gröna stigen. Took a short detour, it needs some work to clear the path.
After getting back on track I passed some deforestation vehicles, looks like they're not done yet.
Rode on the 10km track a short while before turning off on to the seldom used trail full of rocks and what not, here it still looks ok.
The sun was blocked by clouds now and then but the wind blew the clouds away effectively.
Managed to locate a new trail, have passed here several times not noticing the trail, now there was a lot of markings on the trees so that might be the reason I noticed it. It was a tricky one with lots of difficult passages, sweet!
Further ahead the trail split and widened considerably, there was even some foot-bridges, pretty rare around here.
After a while I was back on familiar territory and made my best to choose the optimal trails.
Almost back home, this foot-bridge is in dire need of maintenance.
Back home roughly and hour later and several meters of climbing.
I was feeling lazy but I'm glad I dragged my butt out and went for a ride, this morning (Tuesday) I woke up hearing the rain beating against the windows!

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