Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another Wednesday ride...

Another Wednesday, another ride with Lindbergs cykel, I thought I was a bit late but when I got to the meeting point outside the Bike Shop it was just me there, fortunately one more rider appeared shortly after and after a while there was a bunch.

The weather wasn't that good and that might have been the reason, the route for the day was going to Grängesberg and Kyrkviken and then back home.

Took some shots at "Västra" in Grängesberg, I cheated and skipped a steep climb, felt I wanted to have enough strength to get home again, still not feeling 100%. Had yet again bail out last Wednesday after about 4/3:rd's of the ride...

Kyrkviken. Just before here and the last photo the rain poured down!
And as we set off going back the sun started to shine! :)

After leaving "Västra" there was another climb up to a viewing point and back down.

I hope I will feel stronger on Saturday as it's time for Långa Dagen, a 90km ride, well I plan to go easy, even use the Pugsley so I can beat the time next year... ;)

Almost 60km in roughly 2h.

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