Saturday, May 28, 2011

10 minutes left...

Finally finished "Långa Dagen", there was 37 riders that opted for the long route, 90km.

Gave the Pugsley a second chance and this time it worked flawlessly, if one does not count the twirping that emanated from my front disc brake. Did the stupid act to change the brake pads last evening...

The route was nice once I was past Ljungåsen, a several kilometers climb to get up there and the moist was hanging it the air. After feasting on some cinnamon buns and lemonade it was time to roll down the hill on the other side. It was just that the climb had made me sweat massively and now the cold wind was blowing straight through me!

Abborberg was really nice and there the sun manage to shine from time to time and give some warmth! Until the climb I had been in a group but all the way from Ljungåsen to Sunnanjö I had to fight the wind alone, thought some one would catch me and we could take turns fighting te wind but no.

Luckily one rider caught me at the last pit-stop in Sunnansjö and we got to the finish after around 3h and 40minutes, my phone was out of battery some 12 km before the finish. Have to wait for the official time...

Got a nice plaque after the finish and it has room for four more years, kind of demanding message! ;)
And if that wasn't enough there was a draw and I managed to win a multi-tool on my start number 7!
To celebrate my achievement I treated my self with a iskender kebab! =)
Next time I will take the road bike!

The route:

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