Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This blows...

A late ride report from Saturday. Friday evening was spent celebrating a colleague that had changed job and one that's about to become pensioner. The infamous Mongolian buffet was the place and I ate until I was about to burst! :)

To burn some of the food I got to try find some nice snow mobile tracks to explore with the Pugsley. Very nice day but the wind was hard so I'd better stay in the forest...

But I had to pass some open space on my way there.
The snow made it impossible to cross the ice on the bike. Finally I was on my way.
Crazy exciting video, but it kind of shows how windy it was.

I had to push the bike all the way up the hill, almost up I met a man that was skiing, he had some trouble to stay upright in the tracks since the wind had caused all kind of debris to fall down from the trees and on to the tracks where it got stuck under the his ski's, perhaps pushing the bike wasn't that bad?

Too bad the tracks were so loose hardly managed to ride down the path... Decided to use the buss road at Knutsbo.
Here I found some really nice hard tracks and was suddenly under the power lines.
Went down again but the snow was loose again so the decent was less fun, decided to scout out a good place to make short camp. Ideally in the sun but with some kind of wind protection. Found a good spot with plenty dry wood around!
This time there were no need to blow air in to the fire to make it burn better the wind to care of that! =)

I ha a chocolate bar and a sip of rum, good for preventing snake bites, I heard. Before I know it, it was time to brake up and continue. Made a nice crater in the snow! =)
Went down a steep track, only managed to roll short distances at a time before loosing control in the loose snow, the trail didn't exactly get better when I met a girl on a horse coming up the other way, of course she had ridden in the middle of the trail where the surface was almost smooth so now I could perhaps roll one tenth of the previous distances before I got stuck in the horses tracks that were like holes in the snow every half meter...

Got down eventually and thought I'd cross another pond on my way home, rode out on to the lake but the surface and not to mention the massive head wind made me come to a complete stop and I had no option than to turn back and find a better way!
Half way home through Ludvika the sky changed completely!
By the time I was home the sun was gone and it started to snow! Talk about quickly changing weather!
Not a long trip but exhausing with the bike pushing and bad trail conditions!

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