Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Been having some trouble with my Surly Endomorphs, the side walls falling apart, not a uncommon symptom apparently.

Few days ago I decided to try stop the deterioration by applying some of Casco's LiquiSole on the worst parts, which turned out to be almost all the way around on both sides.
Spread the glue with a disposable plastic knife.
Wasted almost a full tube on the side walls.
The glue takes for ever to dry, the nest morning I scraped the surface with my nail and managed to scrape off some glue, got a bit worried but after more than 24h it seemed to bond perfectly with the rubber and cord!

This evening I dared to take the Pugsley for a short spin, still kept the pressure quite high but the fix seems to work fine! I'll use it for some time before I decide if I'll treat the rear wheel the same way, the rear tire is in better shape than the front tire.

The snow had a funny way of getting stuck on the new surface. :) The small tube costs 80:- a pop but compared to a new tire for sek 1000:- it's a cheap fix if it works!

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