Tuesday, February 1, 2011

One ring to flash them all!

Had a slight Internet mishap last week, was browsing the net after information about a ring flash and ended up on Amazon's web site.

I put the ring flash in the shopping basket and to really check if the shipping was free as they promised I pressed the "One-click" payment-button, still free shipping and when I clicked again I apparently bought the flash! =)

I was a bit tired and thought I would get another screen where I would have to make a final approval. Well, today the flash was delivered (the packet was outside of my apartment door!)

Thankfully it was relatively cheap, it was exactly the same as the more expensive flash I first saw on Cyberphoto.se and that initiated my search of info on it on the web.

It's a Marumi DRF 14 Macro Ring Flash for Nikon with full TTL functionality, also included was four adaptor rings for different lens diameters, the native diameter on the flash is 52mm. I would like to use this on my Tamron 180mm macro but I need a 72mm to 52mm step down ring. Bought one really cheap on eBay, remains to see it the ring will obscure the view too much or if it's usable.

The subject usually is in the middle of the shot anyway...

Few first test shots of stuff that was convenient to shoot.

As can be seen the flash not a full ring but I can live with that.Guess this last one. :)
Slightly over 1000:- sek including shipping to Sweden is in my mind a fair price, I just hope it won't breake down at once!


  1. Då fick du ju 2 paket på födelsedan'...

  2. They should rename the 1-click-button to "Do not press this button"? ;)

  3. @Sari - Fick en Lamborghini i present också! :)

    @Tobbe - Yeah, tricky bastards! ;)