Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hard tracks...

Finally able to start taking advance of the longer days! Left work before half past three and managed to be out before four! Now if I only could manage to get to work a bit earlier than 08:30... ;)

The last few days "warm" weather has taken it's toll on the snow, that's fine by me!
Climbed up to Grönavägen, now I could see the view in daylight!
Should have gone the other direction but I wanted to check out the snowmobile tracks.
Some snow on the move.
Followed the ice hard tracks out of the forest.
Finally starting to go downwards again!
Nice view though. Almost no snow on the ice on lake Nedre Hillen. The ice skaters will be happy if it freezes flat.
Thought about going down to the Hagge road but opted to follow another track, not often there's this kind of conditions and opportunities to try new routes.
Came back out to under the power line.
After some more climbing it was going down again, steep and icy! Wished sometimes I had studded tires on the Pugsley.
After all that fun it was yet again time for some more climbing, had to walk up the steepest parts.
Noticed I now could see the ski slope in Smedjebacken and the two wind turbines on top of Uvberget.
Once again I had my fair share of adrenaline going down the slippery slopes!
Suddenly I was back i familiar territory, it started to get really dark, hadn't plan to be out this long so I had left the head light at home so took the shortest way back home!
Was out almost one and a half hour, all the climbing sure made it effective exercise! =)


  1. Sweet! I wouldn't mind some of that action. There's just too much snow around here...

  2. Yeah, sweet indeed, if I just had taken the headlamp with me I would had stayed out longer.

    The weather has been perfect for making the tracks hard. Warm and cold every other day. Too bad I had to sacrifice one of the Ice Spikers to my commuter bike.

    Perhaps I just put the one I got left over in the front on my Reign... I might do that. Just hope the rear wheel tags along! =)

  3. Cool beans!

    Väsman looked shiny and flat when I went home last night, to bad the forecast says snow both today and tomorrow. *sob*