Friday, February 4, 2011

BD ride...

Better late than never? ;)

On Saturday (29th) I was out on an other ride on the ice of lake Väsman, this time I took the long route there.

Got a fantastic winter day, blue skies and sunshine with temperatures around zero degrees Celsius.

Headed for the gravel road to Biskopsudden, Saturday but it was a few hours past noon so the shadows were long...

Excellent road conditions, easy riding.

Reached the furthest point on the cape, time to get to the bridge.

Lot's of traffic today!
Got behind a old woman just before reaching the bridge and she didn't hear me, I was I no hurry so I rode patiently behind her until se noticed me and asked why I hadn't signaled her that I wanted to pass? Tried to explain that I was in no hurry but she kept telling me to get bell or horn to signal with. At least she seemed to be in a good mood. :)

The old factory again, for the hundredth time! ;)

Wasn't keen to get out on this ice!

Kept going to Håksberg.

Let the climbing commence!

Got bored and took a few shots on the way up.

The old ore processing building basking in the sun.

Still a few hundred meter before I passed the highest point on this ride.

Got over the ridge and got the sun in my eyes.

Found a pair of Volvo car seats in the woods, perfect for a photo opportunity!

Squeezed the camera thorough the fence and took a shot of the great view from up here.

Rode around the fence to the other side below the rock.

There had been some activity here in the winter and now the sun was warming up the cliff, the whole time I was here I could here chunks of rock and dirt fall off the edge, there was some quite large rocks loose so I dodn't want to stay here too long!

Studied the excavator.

Managed to capture a rock in motion!

Decided I'd better move on!

People say I got huge tires on my bike, perhaps but here they look puny! ;)

After that I descended down to the other side of the mountain.

Got down to the bike lane parallel to the lake and headed to the sewage treatment works on the shore.

Two people out on the ice, perhaps I dare to go out here?

Sure looked inviting!

Followed some route out on to the ice, headed towards Ludvika.

Followed the snowmobile tracks, not that it was easier to ride here but because it should be a bit safer, hopefully...

The water level has dropped significantly so rocks near the surface push through the ice.

Now I could see the district heating plant in Ludvika in the horizon.

Ice des(s)ert.

Thin layer of snow on top of the ice.

More posh buildings on the shore.

Looked like rain clouds ahead, perhaps snow this time of the year...

Ah! Passed a small island and could study the bridge with lights that can easily be seen by night from Ludvika.

Snow mobiles all over the ice.

Last rays of sun for the day...

Could keep up the speed on the ice, not too much wind today.

More motorized snow vehicles.

Finally back in Ludvika!

Seems like some water is leaking through the dam.

Finish where I started!

After that it was time to get ready and leave for Borlänge and some beer and celebration! =)

The route:


  1. Amazing...
    How about an urban exploration photo shoot on those factorys?
    looked great riding conditions

  2. Hehe, yeah, give us some UE-photos from ye ol' ore processing plant. ;)

    Hope you at least have ice-prods with you. :/

  3. @coastkid - I have explored the basement, Tobbe can tell wahat happens when you go further up in the building. ;)

    It was a fantastic day!

    @Tobbe - Didn't you take any photos? ;)
    I have a few, it was dark...

    No ice-prods, I know stupid, I try to keep off the ice but it was too tempting.