Monday, February 7, 2011

Alaska FAT Bikes video.

This video almost makes winters bearable! :)

By: Philip Tschersich

Riding Fatbikes on Pillar Mountain in Kodiak Alaska. The Fatback bike frames are made by Speedway Cycles in Anchorage AK, and the rims are 100m wide and shod with 4" tires.

Song- Free Stress Test
Artist- Professor Murder


  1. N I C E ! Tscheezy knows his shit!

    Big fields of solid enough crust must be awesome!

    Velodrome tonight? Me and Alf are planning to do a double session from 18:00 to 21:00. We're both shot from the weekend so it'll be interesting! :D

  2. Funny camera angles! :)

    Would be great to free ride on the snow like that, almost possible here and there around here but I'm too heavy... :(

    Velodrome is the plan for tonight. Wow 3h! Good thing I was out 3h and 30km yesterday. ;)
    Would you mind dropping me off at home on the way back in that case?

  3. Yeah the weight issue was obvious yesterday when Anki could ride where I could not, despite the fact I have wider tires.

    How do you plan on getting to Falun? Perhaps you can hitch a ride with some of the Lindberg-folks back?

    If not I can give you a ride (it seems to only add some ten minutes going over Ludvika, I would have guessed a lot more).

    I'm going straight from work to pick up Alf at 17:15.

  4. Plan is to get there with the Lindberg crowd but they won't stay til 21? But if I can get back with you it would be great!

  5. They will be there until 21, but not show up until 19:30... We're doing the training before Lindberg as well as the Lindberg one.

  6. Ah! You mean in CET? ;)
    Doh! Of course, then I can go back with the people I got there, I'm going home from work at 17:15 so no 18-o'clock ride for me. :(

  7. No, SWFT South-West Falun Time! ;)

    Well, we'll see you there!