Thursday, January 6, 2011

Involuntary Urban Assault

It's been two days with heavy snowing, last evening I was to Grängesberg and shoveled a few cubic meters of the white stuff.

Today is a work free day, the day of Epiphany, the best way to make use of that was to go out and try to ride a bike! :)

The snow removal seems to be bad, probably because of the holiday...
A snowmobile had flattened the snow on the road out to the woods.
A LOT of snow in the forest, no help from the snowmobile, the surface was way too loose to be rideable, had to walk most of the time.
A bit further up.
At the crossroad.
The land owners had put up some new signs. Snowmobiles not welcome...
Walked a short way up the road but decided to go another way.
Slightly sketchy riding down!
Decided to explore some urban roads but the situation was not not that much better than in the forest.
Even some roads behind ABB was not plowed.
Was out almost a hour and a half and it was constant pedaling, two, three places where I could rest my legs in the slopes, was thinking about visiting a wind shelter but when I got closer I decided to skip it. A good choice it turned out I was completely depleted when I got home!

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