Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hands on hand adjusting.

Noticed that my Seiko Orange/Black Monster started to lag behind with the hour hand, quite annoying since it got hard to properly read the time some times.

Not really sure when this happened but I suspect it was the watch repairman that replaced the black hands with white ones and after which the minute hand got loose and I had to return the watch to get it fixed (for free but anyway...)

So one evening when I had let the watch stay still for a few days til it stopped moving I opened it to try adjust the hour hand.

I had found a service manual on the net for the movement that is in the Seiko Monster, 7S26B:

Here's a video of the process:

I have no clue if this is the correct way to do it but it worked for me! =)

Took the opportunity to blow away some dust that the watch repairer had left in my watch, I later saw a video how to replace the crystal and there he covered the movement with a small glass that prevented dust from getting in.

The video did not turn out as I wanted, I used the new Windows Live Movie Maker that comes with Windows 7 and it was pure crap! 4GB memory was apparently not enough to be able to save a 5 minute long video in HD-quality and of course I find that out after I did all the edits. Do I need to get a Mac to be able edit movies without major effort?!


  1. I keep tellin' ya': Adobe Premiere.

  2. Yeah and I tell you it's like using Photoshop just to crop images, slightly overkill for my purposes.

    I need something that doesen't require a phd just to be able to open and save a video! :)