Saturday, December 11, 2010

2:nd try...

Another Saturday, another day for a ride! Now that I had daylight I decided to go and try find the wind shelter I tried to find earlier in the dark and failed.

I was a bit behind schedule so I skipped most of the trails there and went the fast way over town and the road out to Räfsnäs.

Passed ABB:s latest building, ABB has plans to build another huge building right here at the parking lot, might not be able to pass here next year this time?
Scared a poor pedestrian!
The power plant seemed to fire on all cylinders! Thankfully it was only -5C today, been lucky with "warmer" weather on weekends.
The ice is definitely covering the whole lake Väsman now.
Passing some suburban areas on my way out.
Finally out of town.
Still some red houses with white corners in sight.
The Kennel club keeps the trails open around here, perfect!
Met one man walking his dog, he looked surprised I was out biking and I got the usual "that's some fat tires". =)
Lot of snow in the trees but not so much on the ground. I like.
Managed to get a blurry shot of the Sasquatch!
Found a trail that I suspected I had skipped last time since it went upwards quite a while, if it turned out to be the wrong way I would at least have a great ride down again! There were foot prints from one walker up the trail...
Rocky! And way in there is the wind shelter! Found it, knew it was around here some where and just not in my mind. :)
Time to make camp!
Nothing like the crackling from an open fire!
A amazing 8 minute video coming up on making the fire! ;)

My gloves got wet so I put them on a stick near the fire to dry, a lot of steam!
Had some hot coffee and a snickers bar, when the fire settled down some hot dogs!
Time to get back home again, had to be at Smedjebacken before 4pm. The snow on the roof melted from the heat and the water dripped down in the fire. View when I left. I took a shorter route back home...
The place on the map:

Cordinates! ;)
N 60.0° 6.0' 45.614376068115234'' (decimal 60.11267066)
E 15.0° 13.0' 15.463800430297852'' (decimal 15.2209621668)

I should have been home cleaning up the apartment for Christmas but this was more fun! :)


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