Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday on the saddle...

The weather report had promised some snow for today, it had been snowing all night in the southern parts of Sweden and the snow was suppose to hit this area around noon today.

Inspired by Yeti rides and Coastrider I decided to pack some more gear than usual and stay out for a bit longer. Packed the Camelbak with coffee and sandwiches. :)

Felt like it took ages before I was ready to leave the apartment, slightly after 14:00 I was finally on my way. The plan was to locate a shelter I stumbled across a few years ago, not really sure exactly where it was but I knew what area, I thought...

The now mandatory "before" shot. (Thanks BlackCannon for the word correction!) =)

This time not only of the ride but the rider too. ;)

Not much snow had fallen, slightly disappointed...

Since I only had the fisheye on the camera I had to take a upward shot. :)

Judging from the tracks on the trail I wasn't the only one that decided to go out today.

Hmm, more tire tracks...

Turned out it was a friend who was out trying spiked tires on his enduro bike for the first time, he was late home because he had so much fun! :)

It was perfect conditions with frozen surface with some loose snow on top. The spikes on the front wheel looked impressive!

Almost wished I had a engine when I continued my climb upwards, luckily I knew I was over the top soon!

The enduro tracks gave some less resistance but now it was going down so it was just a bonus.

Finally I found some untouched trail, this one is really rocky but the snow smoothed out some of it.

Good thing I know this trail not easy to follow all the time.

Started to wonder if I was on the right track...

Yes, now I was on the right track!

This was a new trail, had to see where it went, mostly because I had no clue where the shelter was supposed to be.

After some time I came out on the Hagge road, now I knew exactly where I was and where I was supposed to go. Passed this pimped barn!

The wind was way worse here in the open compared to in the forest!

After a kilometer or so on the road I could enter the forest again!

Now I started to have some flashbacks and I knew the shelter was around here!

But, the snow and darkness made it hard to navigate by memory since everything looked different now!

So happy with my head lamp from Deal Extreme, read that some had few problems with theirs on HappyMTB but knock on wood, my lamp works great, so far... :)

My drive train started to build up some ice on the pulleys! Never had that problem before, I just cracked it with my fingers and all worked fine again.

After riding in circles looking for the wind shelter I gave up, started to get tired and the coffee in the back pack was calling for me. ;)

Decided to make a small fire, used a small candle to start it and after a while the damp wood started to burn!

There is just something with a fire that lifts the spirits!

Suddenly I wasn't that tired anymore and I was frenetically collecting wood for the fire.

After probably some half hour I had a big enough fire for a coffee and sandwich break, food and drink always taste good out in the open by a fire! Forgot to bring the rum flask... ;)

The Pugsley got a well deserved break, warming up by the fire.

A confusing video with clips from today.

After a while it was time to head back home, not so far away but the snow made it a bit more harder.

Passing under the power lines again.

Not far now, can see where I am going, didn't dare to take a shortcut over the ice, think that was wise!

Back home again! The rear brake started to press on the brakes a few kilometers before I was back, think I'd better bleed them, probably water that freezes and expands...

A very nice trip, I don't think this will be the last time I make a fire on a ride, only drawback is the smell of the smoke, it's almost impossible to get rid off! =)

GPS-plot of my erratic route!


  1. what a great post Harri!
    some nice pictures as always...
    like those spikes on the Enduro bike!
    the pimped barn...and a great pic of you sitting with your pug by the fire!
    thanks for posting!

  2. Nice post. A cup of coffee by the fire is quality of life!

  3. Såg riktigt lyxigt ut! måste nog testa på lite cykling i snö om de kommer nån iår...

  4. Awesome pics as per usual, especially of the fire. Thanks for sharing!

  5. coastkid: Thanks!!! Still way behind your posting number and quality, wish it was more varied nature here, guess I lack a sea coast! =)

    Yeti: Thank you, yeah, wonder why I haven't done it before?! ;) Don't know when I dare to make a two day trip and spent the night outside.

    Micke: Thanks! It wasn't ideal set up for photos but I'm glad I managed to capture some of the atmosphere. :)

  6. Whoa! Great! :D The video won't play though, says it's private and I have to accept a friend invitation...

  7. Thanks! Doh! Not the first time I forget to remove the private-tag, blame on the late hour, posted at 01:20 something.. =)

  8. Oh gosh! What a RR HaRRi! Nice pics! And well written, short and comprehensive. I really want to get out on my bike now! (litet tips : obligatorisk = mandatory ;-) )

  9. Thank you! Thanks for the word correction! I still blame the late hour. ;)