Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What a blast!

Well, not really, but it was windy and the snow was falling. Not really a blizzard, that seems to have hit the southern parts of Sweden...

Took a short ride, brought both my HTC Desire and the 'new' iPhone 3GS, had to try Endomondo on both and compare the GSP-tracking. Also snapped a few shots when I was at the highest point.

iPhone shots:
HTC Desire:

Finally a video made with the iPhone (hyper speed!):

Endomondo iPhone:

HTC Desire, had "auto pause" enabled on the Android:

After these initial tests I'm glad I bought a Desire, wish I could take the best of the two phones and combine them! :)

Thought I deserved something nice after the ride but with only a few days left before the salary I could only find some dry biscuits and moldy cheese, even the beer had some yeast left in it and to add to the injury some of it spilled out as the foam piratically exploded out of the bottle, poor me! ;)

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  1. I hate you! But piratically exploding beer made my day!