Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Road

Watched The Road last night, it's from 2009 but somehow I manged to miss it when it was on the cinema.

Was surprised how it lacked the typical over the top post apocalyptic elements that's usually associated with this genre and stayed more true to actual reality. Even though one some times wonder over some of the decisions made by the characters.

I think I will try to read Cormac McCarthy's book that the movie is based on and see if that clears some of the questions...

One of the best dystropian movies I have seen lately, it's very dark and not very hopeful but I still strongly recommend seeing it!


  1. Jag håller med om allt utom rekommendationen. Jag såg den på bio och det var ingen i salongen som inte gick därifrån med dödsångest. Vill man må bra skall man inte se den här filmen.

  2. Ja, nej, det är ju inte direkt en "feelgood movie". ;)

    Då rekommenderar jag istället How to train your Dragon. :)

  3. You now owe me SEK 629,- since this made me go to discshop. :P

  4. I hope you got more than The Road for that money if you bought it. ;)

  5. Nine movies in total, The Road was only 49,50 (two for 99). But it's still your fault. ;P