Sunday, November 14, 2010

Night rider...

Had some time over before the summarized broadcast of the last F1 race of the year (by the way, it sux that no major Swedish broadcaster shows the whole race. :( ).

Still excited with my new camera I brought it with me despite it was almost pitch black outside, thought I'll try it's limits. :)

All shots is ISO6400, except the first one!
A before shot:
There is actually a deer running in the shot, on the right side, could be more than one also. Manage to catch three of them in the light of my head lamp, the eyes was gloving like eyes on Tusken Riders. ;)

The camera had problem focusing in the pitch dark so I didn't mange to get a shot of that, unfortunately. I was way darker than it looks on the photos!
I had to walk up the steepest parts, I have very low air pressure in the Endomorphs but the surface was too slippery with the wet snow.
It was upwards a while the usual route up to Grönastigen.
The sky was light up by the lights in Ludvika but it was barely visible for the eye, the camera registered that however without any problem. :)
Occupying myself shooting the light beam while catching breath on my way up the trail.
There was a really bad part a while, it was almost impossible to pedal here, the snow was like slush and under it was water with frozen wheel tracks that made the bike go all over the place!
Found some mud! ;)
Suddenly it was time to head down again! :)
Pity I wasn't the first one on the trail but it made it easier to see where to go.
Made a lame attempt to video the decent, not a good idea in the dark with one hand on the handlebar and only front brake in the slippery condition! :)

Sorry about the brake noise!

Eventually I came out of the woods.
News flash for me, apparently the forest had been cut down, now there was a nice view over looking Ludvika!
The logs in nice piles...
The final trail, decided to take some shots of the bike, lights on:
Lights off:
Lights on again. :)
Stroboscopic mode!

Had to navigate over some recently cut forest!
Oh no's, back in the civilization again...
Only a partial "after" shot:
The bike was almost cleaner after the ride, a bit too wet right now to be save, colder temperatures on the way so perhaps I shouldn't complain. :)

Another short ride done, had to work hard for the kilometers though!


  1. Woa, some nice photos there! :-O

    And thanks for the epileptic video... and you're the one complaining about flickering taillights on cars. ;P

  2. Thanks! :)

    Yes, that's how it feel to be behind a newer Volvo, Audi or what ever car that uses PWM:ed tail lights!