Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day Rider...

I basically took the same route as last time today, but now it was bright daylight and the surface was frozen and not slush! =)

GPS-plot from Endomondo:


  1. I so wanted to get out and ride in that weather. Here's hoping for similar weather on Saturday!

    How's the shoulder doing? We miss you at the velodrome...

  2. A bit dissapointed I didn't wait until today, crazy beautiful outside with all the frost in the trees!

    Shoulder is way better, still feel it sometimes but I think it's time to get some velodrome hours!

  3. Yeah, was to the "bone-crusher" this morning, got some massage, the painlevel was on a different planet the last time! Now I only screamed of pain when I got neck massage. ;)

    You bastard! What a fantastic day, you picked it well! =)

    Do you go to Falun with your car?

  4. Yep, my car to Falun. Knock on wood! :D