Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Gone riding"

Sometimes it's just better to catch the moment, all morning there was a dull overcast and a chilling wind but around noon it started to look better with some sun beams shining through the clouds!

By three o'clock I decided to throw in the towel and go home from work a bit early to be able to catch some of the rays. The annoying cough I have been cursed with since a few weeks back finally felt a bit better so I just had to go for a longer ride than I have made lately...

Found most of the gear I needed fast, decided to take the DSLR for once, leaving the Casio compact at home, hoping I could manage to capture some nice colors and avoid the slow handling on the compact.

I even packed the new headlamp in the camera bag, just in case the ride stretches out a bit longer...

The wind was still blowing hard but most leaves still hanged on to the branches!

Past Ludvikaforsen that's still full of water, aparently the power cmpany is doing some maintanence on the power station.

Passed a vehicle repainting the reflective stripes on the side of the road, major traffic congestion was the result, and that's in Ludvika! :)

Of course the gate over the railroad was malfunctioning (or manually closed) because of the paint car? So I had to go back and take the walking bridge past the railroad crossing. Didn't really mind that... :)

Decided to go up by Hammarbacken and take the "DH" trail down.

Finally at the trailhead.

Sun lighting up some objects...

This tree seems to have dropped it's leaves, some while ago...

After screaming down the trail it was time to climb up again.

The climb was well worth it.

Nice view from up here, industry...

At the sight spot.

Maxing the zoom on the Nikkor 18-105mm VR lens.

Yes, yet another angle of the bike, wind shelter behind it... :)

A few fun descents.

In the troll forest...

Back on the fast track...

Watch out for old mine shafts!

The trees was on fire!

Further down it wasn't glowing that much... Water filled mine shaft.

I think it's ice down there but can it really be?

Well, back almost where I entered the trail in the first place.

Exploring more old abandoned mine holes...

Had to climb over the fence (fences actually, old and new) to get this shot.

Nice view from here too!

From the top to the bottom, here I enter beaver country.

Could see traces made by them but no beavers in sight. *sigh*

The "elk flies" Lipoptena cervi was active though, haven't seen these for a while, thankfully, annoying bugger, impossible to swat, one has to grind them to death since they don't let go once they land on you!

The setting sun allowed for some nice silhouette shots.

Hope the spiders eat those damn flies!

Well, time to escape beaver country, nice narrow trail, until I came across 4-5 trees that was straight over the trail... :/

More climbing, the sun was now covered by clouds again so I decided to turn back home again.

On the way I passed the trail down to Sörvik, one of the best trails around here, even fun on a rigid bike but the full suspension invites for some more jumps and speed! =)

The houses here sure have a nice view...

Almost forgot about it, once a year, every first Tuesday in October there is a event called Lysmasken (Glowworm) is held on the bike lane towards Sörvik from Ludvika. Artists and art students make a light festival "happening" in the evening darkness.

Some seems to have come here by boat. ;)

They were starting to light up the big "candles".

Passing yet another old mine on the way back.

Hmm, child labour and they are in charge of firing up the candles...

Lots of strange stuff along the bike lane, wonder how this one will look in the dark?

Still some brave sailors keeping their boat in the water!

Passing Kaffeholmen.

And passing the stream again, less light now.

Light blue and pink colors in the sky, hope it's not because I rode through some strange mists back at the Lysmasken... ;)

Made it home without using the head light, a bit disappointed my strength run out but it was still promising considering the cough has kept me from biking properly for a few weeks! =)



  1. That looked a nice ride, and a cracking trail!,
    alot of candlepower there -:)

  2. Very nice ride, feels good to be "up in the saddle" again. :)

    The candles are placed next to the bike lane, almost 2km, a LOT of candlepower! ;)

  3. Woa, classic ride! :)

    Had also forgoten about Lysmasken, did not mind that a bit! ;) Strange it was not raining?