Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Saturday Single Speed Scramble!

A while ago I noticed that the bottom bracket on my temporary single speed racer had developed a slight play, late Friday evening I started made a try to fix it.

First I had to try figure out how it was supposed to be tightened and while doing that I removed the bearings on the non-drive side, doing that revealed how bad shape the bottom bracket was, previously I had to saw off the seat post since it was stuck and all the metallic particles had fallen down to the bottom and mixed with the grease in the bearings!

Spent some time cleaning up the mess, re-greased everything and assembled the bottom bracket again, now with a tight fit! On the Saturday afternoon/evening I decided to take the bike for a test ride to make sure my repair would hold up.

Started with the Grönavägen gravel road to Harnäs.

A bit soft here and there.

The partly renovated bridge over Nedre Hillen.

Smooth new boards.

Found a gravel road parallel to the regular road, didn't know it existed even though I have passed here many times. The sign says "No thoroughfare", might be a reason? :)

The small lake looked nice from this side too.

Perfect condition! There was a gate cutting the road off for cars but with a bike it was possible to get through.

Long time since I was to Flogberget. A old opencast mine.

Cool environment!

Walked around for a while.

Had to enter the hole through the rock.

Hardly no wind here.

View upwards.

Too bad the cafe was closed, a bit off season...

Nice view though...

The big mine.

Some scenery before Enfastbo.

A few kilometers later, closer to Gubbo.

Turned left in Gubbo, towards Schisshyttan.

What a perfect evening!

More gravel roads!

Just as the longest and steepest climb I noticed the play was back in my cranks! :(
The bottom bracket on the drive side had started to unscrew it self, hadn't tighten it enough apparently...

Well, did walk the most of the climb anyway.

The salt made the tires look pale.

Took some shots while walking up.

The mansion on the top.

Better let the bike rest a while before getting further.

The mansion is located nicely.


Lake Skissen.

Last leg on gravel.

The cranks were loose but fortunately it was going down now so I didn't have to put much pressure on the pedals.

Slightly boring so I played with the camera.

Took the small road through Persbo.

Sun was setting...

Looong shadows by now.

Ludvikaforsen was streaming!

The route I took:

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  1. Hatten av för dina fantastiska bilder Harri!

    Det riktigt rös till i mig av barndomsminnen från alla cykelturer med morfar i skogarna runt Flogberget.

    // Andreas/Stampe