Monday, August 9, 2010

Forsa geforce!


Finally! Took it's time, hope it was worth waiting for!

Ordered last Monday but Kjell&CO didn't deliver until Friday and I had to waste a whole weekend on riding my bike and not play Starcraft2! ;)

Can't wait to fire up the GeForce GTS250 and see how well it preforms, hopefully I can use the Ultra-setting!

Well, way better than my old gfx card anyway, and it was quite inexpensive. Not a big gamer...


Ultra-setting on everything, Reflections is on, Models is High, not sure if it's the highest setting?

I'm more than pleased, totaly OK for a graphics card I payed 650:- SEK for! =)

The gameplay in Starcraft 2 looked sweet now by the way...

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