Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bike orienteering

Friday night I got a message on the phone, it was Alfsomfan wondering if I was up for some bike riding on Saturday, I've been out riding the bike three days in a row but as long as it was fairly easy ride, why not?! =)

Was a bit lazy on the morning so it took until after noon before I managed to get going, but I was in Borlänge before one o'clock...

Turned out that Alf had a few control points left on the bike orienteering map that Borlänge municipality have created, the last time ended a bit abruptly because of a crash, luckily no major injuries. Tobbes blog has a entry about that.

Well, first stop, a small soccer field, had to find out how many locker rooms there were. The orienteering is build on a number of questions that has to be answered and to do that you have to get to those places.

Checking in the next stop.

When leaving we got yelled at by a grumpy janitor (or what they are called, groundskeeper?) for riding a bike in the area, perhaps not a good place for a control point?! ;)

Better hurry!

Next stop some bridges that had to be counted, watched some koi fishes.

Great way to see places one would never visit otherwise.

Many urban areas to pass on the way between points.

Next stop, water tower!

Never been here before!

Cool background for some bike shots.

Seen the water tower many time from the road passing by, but never seen the view from the top of the rock.

Time to leave the urban areas and get to the edge of the town.

"Spray area"... ?

Time to find some Iron age graves.

Found them and after struggling on a bad forest trail for a while to avoid getting back the same way we came we ended up at this sign: "Turn Here". Doh!

Scouting some photo spots since we were in the area.

This was more fun on the way down.

Thankfully there were few climbs on the route.

A LOT of nice bike lanes around Borlänge.

Even managed to squeeze in some pavé! :)

After a panic visit to Biltema to get some new stuff for my Retaard bike, we climbed back up to the starting point were the BBQ got lit and I enjoyed a fantastic dinner with Alfsomfan, the becoming frusomfan and babysomfan. ;)

Perfect ending on a perfect day! Thanks for the company and the food!

Forgot to start the GPS at the start but it's not much missing on the tracking:

More photos:

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  1. Guess we both have to revisit that map now, you for the first check points and me for the last. :)