Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Ride VII

Second longest ride this year, but definitely the fastest! We were around 10 riders and it was perfect conditions, well, a little less flies and bugs wouldn't hurt but rather that than snowflakes!

We rode the old railroad track to Stensbo where we took a gravel road, a few hundred meters, to the next bike lane, also a asphalted old railroad track, last time I rode it, it was just sand and dirt, apparently it has been asphalted some ten years already! ;)
Passed Östanbjörka, a over the top picturesque village, then through Nyhammar, from there past Sunnansjö, Saxdalen and back to Ludvika via the bike lane.
After Sunnansjö and before Saxdalen one rider got a flat tire so there was a short pause. Think that brought down the average speed to 30km/h on my GPS-tracking.
Apparently one of the riders got 34km/h average on his bike speedometer...


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