Monday, July 12, 2010

Gesunda trip...

Here's a bunch of photos from the Gesunda trip I took yesterday, after seeing a lot of photos on Happymtb from Gesunda I just felt I had to try get there soon!

So this Sunday it was finally time, don't remember when I was there last year but it's been a while, there supposedly some new trails too!

Woke up at 07:00, good thing I got some sleep on Saturday, the temperature was around 20-degrees Celsius already! The weather forecast had promised some slight rain at around 17:00

Had planned to be on my way around 08:00 but the time went fast and it was more like 08:30 when I got going. Took the road over Borlänge, Rättvik, after Rättvik I think I took the wrong was and I ended up driving over Sollerön, not that bad, got some nice scenery. =)

Getting close now, Gesunda in the horizon, the clock was some 20 minutes after 10, the lifts opened at 10. didn't loose that much time. =)

10:45 and I', in the lift!

That's the bridge(s) I passed just moments ago.

Lot's of tourists.

The obligatory lift shot.

Testing the digital zoom, got it activated again after I reset:ed the camera. Think I will disable it again. :)

A panorama.

Easier to fit the compact inside the helmet than the DSLR. (No fisheye though)

Carro-Line, new trail!

The top cabin.

Another panorama from the top.

Unknown rider #1

Unknown rider #2

Another new track? Lot's of flat rocks!

Wonder if they will get slippery when wet?

The tracks I rode:
  1. Locals - Look well used now!
  2. Skogsmys - Far from what it used to be, still OK.
  3. Under Liften - Lot's of rocks in the open!
  4. Bonzai - Also eroded.
  5. Älgspyan - Very eroded!
  6. Magic carpet - Still excellent! Some minor brake bumps. Think the jumps are nicer now.
  7. Stöksparet/Xcellerator - Totally OK!
  8. Malin Lindgren - Where is the tabac?!? :(
  9. Skogsmys
  10. Lunch - Splendid pizzas by the way!
  11. Nya spåret? - A bit confused where it goes.
  12. Under Liften
  13. Carro line - Bliss!
  14. Tävlingsspåret - Think the line after the "bridge" over the pipes is better now.
  15. Magic Carpet
  16. Under Liften
  17. Älgspyan /G.M.X.
  18. Skogsmys (and the 'old' track down past the decaying NS) - Look's like it's just left without maintance. :(
And highly likely some tracks I forgot. Only one I skipped was Viper Trail. =)

Just like the forecast had predicted it started to rain around 16. Went up a few more times, some slight rain now and then, I felt like I'd my fun so I put the bike in the car and left at 16:30.

Didn't come far before it REALLY started to rain!

Drove past some bikers that definitely was soaking wet!

What better time to go for a swim? Thunder storms and all? :)

Don't remember ever taking a swim in Siljan.

This is before I got in to the water, while I was out swimming the rainstorm rolled in! It just poured down! Thought I'd left my mobile phone in the car but it turned out it was in the pocket of my bike shorts that I had left out in the rain, luckily it seems to work OK. *puh!*

Since I practically was in Rättvik I decided to explore the long pier I have passed so many times, seeing it from the car window.

Seagull repellent spikes. :)

Half way there.

Had to go and see what it looked like on the underside.

My feet got wet! And my shorts. ;)

Small island.

The toboggan sled track.

Aiming at the watch tower. 24mm


Digital zoom still active.

Rättvik church.

After I had touristed enough I drove to Borlänge, on the way there the weather just got worse, by the time I was almost in Borlänge it looked like the trees would snap and fall down on the road in the strong wind. The trees held but my car was bombarded with twigs and pine cones!!

Heard on the radio that there had been local "tornado's" that cased trees to fall, some twenty cars had been demolished and a few houses!

Thought I'd go through the McDonald's drive through but around 100000 other people had the same idea so I skipped that and drove straight home. Hungry as h*ll I made some mashed potatoes with meatballs, a LOT of gravy and a slab lingonberry jam! =)

Today (Monday) I have sore thighs and my shoulders has felt better, worst were my hands yesterday, think I had too much air in the front tyre or perhaps too little practice? ;)

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  1. Nice! I definitely need to get the Glory rollin' again!