Sunday, July 11, 2010

Abrupt ending?

The Day  Almost ended in the End of Magic carpet. The endcap to my forks 20mm axel droped off in the rough surface! Spent 15-20minutes Looking for the parts and I found them!

Got a bit scared there a moment!

Went to the car for a cold coke and a snack, there a snake crawled under my Car!

Some kind of signs?! ;)

So I decided to go down Stökspåret and xcellrator after that.   :)


  1. Lucky you found the fork parts! Kind of cancels out the snake under the car if you ask me... :-)

  2. yep lucky you found of loctite maybe?...

  3. Yeah, had made only 5-6 runs, would have felt disappointing to have to go home at that point! :(

    The 20mm axle-"cartridge" was still in place so I would have removed the tightening axle I might have been able to continue, but that would have felt a bit sketchy! :)