Sunday, June 20, 2010

Evening ride.

Tanking advantage of the long days (not far now til it turns over to shorter days) I decided to take a short ride before I got too tired.

Took the usual route around Hagge. The low sun and the yellow light made almost everything look nice! :)
Passed the old lumber yard.
When I got to the crossroad I decided to take the slightly longer route despite that the temperature were falling. It was just too nice to get home so soon. :)

Didn't bother shooting any more photos until I got close to Ludvika again.
As long as I was in the sun it actually still gave some warmth, but here it was chilly.

Slightly under an hour, perfect since I still felt the ride from yesterday, didn't quite get over 30km/h but today I didn't care!


  1. Jag mötte dig i bil efter Valhallarakan under den här turen :) Du låg framför ett stort åbäke till lastbil..

  2. lovely pics looks big out there!

  3. Ingrid: Hehe... Tänkte först ta cykelbanan men tänkte det var säkrast att ta väegn, men den var nästan lika knölig som cykelbanan.

    coastkid: Thanks, the sky can be big from time to time. :)