Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Ride III

Third time I participated in the Wednesday ride, this time the the goal was to visit a steep hill. Steep it was indeed!

I was still a bit "numb" in my legs from the Monday ride, glad I managed to keep up with most of the riders anyway. :)

Only took two shots today, one from the start and the other at the turning point after passing the peak.
After one and a half hour I started to feel my back, had to stand up and pedal to stretch my back. Have to take a better look at how I sit on the road bike...

GPS-Plot, total lenght, 52km. Top speed 71km/h! =)


  1. Oj, jag som var stolt när jag hade joggat 3,6 km igår! /S

  2. Du ska vara stolt, jogga är ju jobbigt! =)

  3. Härligt väder... synd man satt inne och jobbade trots att man hämtat ut nya fina "team" kläder sponsrade av det stora el-bolaget i stan.

  4. Är det ok att låna bilder till vår blogg? :)

  5. Ingrid: Låna på om du verkligen vill använda de sunkiga mobilbilderna. :)