Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Road ride visit.

My brother and his girlfriend was visiting my mother in Grängesberg. They were going to leave for Stockholm today (Tuesday) so yesterday (Monday) I decided to go and say hallo before they left.

Since the weather was nice I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to go visit using the bike.

Passed the Ludvika forsen that has been dry after the snow melting until now, there was a LOT of rain this weekend.

Only one dam hatch open.

Nice view over lake Väsman.

Some activity behing ABB, VB-energi is making a sea cable, apparently I missed the divers...

District heating central in the horizon.

A few rolls of fat cable. And a barge to deploy it.

On my way past Blötberget. (Wet mountain :))

The mandatory shot in the new tunnel.

Passing the swamp.

Made a short detour in Grängesberg, passing the bandy rink, yes, that's snow. :(

Finally here! The bike lane is slowly ascending all the way to Grängesberg, the ride took 1h, with a short chat with a colleague on the way. :)

Got some food and for that I had to help carry out a old freezer to the garage, well worth it! =)

A few hours later it was time to say good buy and get home again.

This time it was descending!

Making good speed.

Back in Blötberget. Old railroad station...

Had to make a short brake to catch this scene.

Full speed ahead!

Some faint halo effect from the sun.

Behind ABB again.

More halo over Väsman. Can you spot the sailboat?

Zoomed in.

That was it. The ride home took 35 minutes, avarage speed was 10km/h higher! :)

GPS-plot. Going to Grängesberg:

Back home:

My legs is totally depleted from power today, will go to bed early!


  1. Jösses! Du jobbar bra! :-) /Syrran

  2. Gäller att passa på när vädret tillåter! :)