Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First proper ride!

Yesterday it was about time to take the "new" bike for a proper ride! Last ride was just to make sure everything was working OK and that no parts would be loose.

I decided to make my way to Högberget, I knew that there was a high probability that the trails there would be somewhat dry, and it seemed to be correct.

Since I was close to the abandoned "command center", that was built during the cold inside the mountain I went there to have a look, it was sealed off but the entrance was still visible. "The Eagle" is closed.


Bought white handles, still can't understand why?! ;)

The short but nice DH-track ! Someone had placed a big tree over the "exit" but that just forced one to go right at the end and there by get a great jump out of the woods on to the grass field.

Had to push the bike up, past the worst areas, but it was well worth it going down the same way! =)

View from the top, Knutsbo behind the pond.

After a some transport i was in Central Ludvika, decided to enjoy the moment.

Wish I had had the time to go back and take some shots of the sunset, ah, well, an other time...

The Reign still clean, proof of dry trails! :)

The ground covered with flowers.

The green stuff can't be far away now...

Time to go home. Not there, I still had to bike a few kilometers further.



  1. Sweet! I'm hoping to be able to get some form of off road ride in this weekend. It'll likely be somwhat wet and soggy and snow in places but I MUST ride!

  2. I had forgot how nice it was, when you manage to get out you won't regret it! :)

  3. that looks nice there...that bunker would be a good explore!

  4. Yes, there is supposed to be a "regular" two store building standing in one of the underground rooms. Well, there are other undergroud systems to explore. ;)

  5. Love how the Reign turned out after the make over!