Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First blood...

Finally took the first step in my plan to gearify my single speeded Surly Pugsley, teared apart the "front" wheel and replaced the Surly single speed hub with a Shimano hub, with a body.

When rebuilding the wheel I yet again run out of threads on the spokes, had to put some chain oil on the threads so that I could tighten the wheel without too much squeaking when threads ended. ;)

The rebuild took longer than planned due to the long spokes so the rest will be a later project. Should have all I need at home though, depends if I will need a chain guide in the front since I plan to use just one chain ring.


  1. i need to learn to build wheels...last and most important skill to learn in the zen art of bicycle maintenance!

  2. Yeah, the satisfaction after making a good wheel is hard to beat and it's not so complicated, a nice way to meditate. ;)

    My fist try at wheel-building was a catastrophe! It was a old crooked wheel on which I released the tension from all the spokes. Don't think I would manage to straighten that wheel today even if I tried. :)

    With brand new stuff it's a walk in the park, a good guide is a must in the beginning. =)

    Just a matter of being thorough and systematic.

  3. Uhm, are you certain you ran out of threads? Screw on a nipple on a loose spoke, you'll get lot's and lot's of spoke protrusion on the "tire" side of the nipple before you run out of threads.

    The creaking always appear when the tension get high.

  4. When I write I ran out of threads I MEAN I run out of threads, trust me...