Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super short...

Temperature was just below zero so I decided to take a short ride before dinner and while there still was some light left. This was Saturday but I didn't manage to get out of bed in time and dragged my feet til late afternoon.

Finally I managed to get out and basically went the same track I did earlier in the week, only difference that now it was a bit brighter light.
A snowmobile had passed here since the last time so the surface was smooth but quite loose, a pain to walk on, felt like I was standing still.
This time I went slightly further though, took the road until it started to level out, then I turned back down again.
Still a lot of snow on the trees.
Had to let out some air from the tires and go really low on pressure to have any kind of steering and not to sink down too far into the surface.
Documented the "hole" I made last time when I lost control. Hard to see how deep it actually was. :)
The GPS logged 33minutes! Think I took me longer to get my clothes on! Got a really bad back ache and had to quit, think the flatties are to blame, when I'm clicked in the pedals I have a different strain on my thighs and spares my back.

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