Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday, sunny Sunday...

Another majestic Sunday, the weather was amazing, a pity I slept long into the morning today too...

Took a LOT of photos but I don't know when to get the time to go through them all. As a final I did a time lapse shot of the sunset, on top of that I took three images so I can make a HDR-time lapse "movie" some time in the future. Have to take a serious look at automating everything as much as possible or it will be overwhelming to say the least!

The time lapse shooting took almost an hour and it started to get very cold to stand in one place once the sun started to set, I really, really, really hope it was worth it! ;)

Managed to play with a few shots from today before I hit the sack...
Ahh, just as a note, the snow melted in the threes and there was water dropping every where where the sun hit the branches, sweet spring can't be far away!


  1. I got that same "spring can't be far away" feeling yesterday :-) Hope is alive!

  2. My feeling was utterly smashed this morning with below -15 degrees C! But now when the sun shines again it feels much better. :)