Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bearing exchange...

Got some new bearings today from I ordered them yesterday, they will replace the bearings on my Giant Reign.
Found the correct sizes here, also a great guide for swapping the bearings:

GIANT Reign and Trance Components
  • 2 pcs - 6900-2RS (6900 2RS [10x22x6 Gummität ABEC 5] - 12.00Kr)
  • 2 pcs- 63800-2RS (MR1910 ZZ [10x19x7 Metalltät ABEC 5] - 10.20Kr)
  • 4 pcs - 6902-2RS (6902 2RS [15x28x7 Gummitätning ABEC 3] - 14.50Kr)

Total: 102,4kr [132,4Kr with postage]
(inside parenthesis is the corresponding name at Kullagergrossisten)

Delivered in a padded envelope:
The bearings in the rocker arms was in really bad condition, I hope that the annoying squeak I sometimes heard during rides came from these and that the noise now is gone!

Made improvised tools for pressing out the old bearings and press in the new ones.
Looking good.
The old ones will be thrown in the bin!


  1. we have a shop that sells bearings in edinburgh and it is alot cheaper than buying an original bearing kit...i use sockets and a vice to press them out and failing that a press at a local car garage!

  2. Sweet. I've been buying bearings (last time it was for my Glory) from and although Steve is fast and cheap I may buy from kullagergrossisten next time.

  3. Great!
    I'll call you when it's time to change the bearings on my Reign X, ok??

  4. Johan: No problem, I'll send the bill after I'm done! ;)

    Micke: Interesting, the DH-bearings is the cheapest! Have you managed not to get cought by customs? I have a bad track record with orders fron U.S. :(

    Coastkid: Gargh! Wrote a long reply but it managed to get lost in cyberspace! I blame Blogspot! I also used a vice to press them back, to get the bearings out I used brute force! :)

    It hit me that I might save the outer ring from the old bearings to use when I press the new ones in place.

  5. I've not had problems with customs with any of my orders from Steve. Since it's just a small envelope and small value it usually slips through :-)

  6. Ok. Just my usual luck then.. ;)

  7. I need to swap a few bearings on the Glory, but for now I settle with more grease. I had forgotten what it's like to have bearings after all the years on my Turner.

    Bearings suck.

  8. The bearings worked for 3 years (some of them are still ok and don't need replacement). I swap brakepads more often and they cost more!

    But sure, if I could choose I'd rather let be, but then again, my frame was more than half the price compared to a 5-spot and my frame hasn't cracked(yet)! ;)