Saturday, February 13, 2010

Age of Analog...

Last weekend I acquired a old Nikon F65 with some extra stuff, took the time to document what I got.

I'll start with the weirdest filter I got in the deal, a Hoya 52mm Center-Spot! Gives a diffuse look to everything outside the center spot, can't have been easy in the pre Photoshop times. ;)

Next a Hoya 52mm Diffuser filter, gives everything a diffuse look, almost like smearing grease on a regular filter.

Third, a Hoya 52mm Cross Screen filter, a example further down, this effect is available in the Nikon D90 meny, available to apply on any photo.

Then a Hoya 52mm Polarizer Circular, always useful!

A regular Hoya 1B 52mm Skylight Filter.

The most interesting one, a pouch with three Hoya 52mm close-up filters. Seem to work well stacked up.

Hoya 52mm +1 close-up filter.

Hoya 52mm +2 close-up filter.

Hoya 52mm +4 close-up filter.

Also got a replacement focusing screen for Nikon F-801, haven't checked if it fits my F-65.

The lens that sat on the Nikon F-65 body, Nikon Nikkor AF 28-80mm 1:3.5-5.6 D, plastic mount, seems to work okay but not a range that I needed, I'll keep it though.

The Nikon F-65 body. In excellent condition. Very basic and easy to use.

Nikon MB-17 Battery grip, fits four AA batteries, really glad I managed to get the camera with it, now I don't have to use expensive CR2 lithium batteries and the camera fits perfectly in the hand compared without it, now there is some where to rest the pinky finger! :)

Nice camera strap.

The body with the battery grip mounted.

Example photo with the Cross Screen mounted.

Even if I won't use all the filters I think it was a ok deal for 400Sek! =)

I'll have to wait and see what I think about the photos from the F-65 and decide if I keep the stuff or if I'll try to sell it. Developing analog film isn't exactly cheap so one really make a effort for every shot, feels weird to have to wait to get to see the results! :)

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