Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Early autumn ride..

Snuck out of office a bit earlier than usual just to be able to go for a ride before the sun got down.

Even took the car out to the trail head to save some time, quite nice to have some power left in the legs too since the start is located so high. =)

Putting the bike together for the ride.
Ah! Finally on my way, just had to stop and document the new bridge, turned out that many of the bridges was replaced by new ones.
Straight in to the sun.
let's hope they wont deforest this part of the trail, it's magical.
Some guey parts here and there but mostly dry fast single track!
Found some mushrooms, probably magical ones....
Had the GPS with me so I can figure out the correct name of this lake. :)
Mirrored (sea?) weed.
The grass sure have grown since the forest was removed.
Getting close to my "nemesis"!
There it was, just before me, this time it was dry though. No crashes today! :)
Started to get dark deep in the forest.
Didn't take long to get back out in the sun...
Keep going forward.
Rest area in sight!
Seems like some one else got here first? ;)
Not much space between the Rubber Queens and my Giant Reign frame. More space further down though, work for me. :)
A last shot before leaving.
More moss...
This part is more fun the other way.
Moody light.
Think I passed half way now.
There was a long gravel road down here, glad I didn't have to climb up the other way.
Not far now.
Had to stop and shoot a short video of a small drop. It's not in the frame. :)
Ah, from here it was pure bliss for a fairly long time, a fast, winding, single track that gets the adrenaline pumping!
Then it started to get dim and cold so no more shots until I got back at the car.
Managed to press the wrong button on the phone and the GPS tracking got interrupted, too small buttons to be used with gloves! I'll see tomorrow what distance I got.

Days like this is sparse in the autumn, let's hope the weather is this good the rest of the month!



  1. You took the gravel road down? Talk 'bout altitude abuse!

    I bike the trail in a figure eight, first loop clockwise and second anti-clock wise. That way you get trail down after the gravel road and still get the fun down to the rail way. :)

  2. What a suprice you would say that! :)

    Yeah, the part past the 'rest area' sure is more fun the other way around but the ride up the gravel road is no fun.

    Had been great if there was a trail one could take instead than the road...