Sunday, September 20, 2009

September snippets...

Some shots from today, Hanna bought a gadget at the autumn fair today and she seems to know how to use it. =)
My brother Juha seemed to be inspired by Hannas handcrafting and started to sew a gap that had appeared on his fairly new shoes, think it will last as long as the other shoe.Before dinner I went with Hanna and Johan on my first Geo caching trip, managed to spot the cache first!
Took the opportunity to capture some autumn colors.The houses that were built for the workers in the mine have deteriorated badly. The street is called Källfallet and is located in Grängesberg.Tying to be crative. :)A fat fly.The Gonepteryx (Brimstone butterflies) where busy in the warmth that's not usual at this time of the year.A lovely day indeed, nice to spend a day with the family. =)