Monday, September 14, 2009

Gravel hunt...

Wanted to log a few more kilometers before the "Tour De Retard", decided to go and look for gravel roads that I had located on maps on Internet.

I'll skip the long boring ride on the asphalt to get there and go directly to to first shot that I took where I had to make short stop and catch my breath!

Could have been a worse place. :)

The lingonberrys seemed to be ripe.
The climb continued up through the forest.
After getting out of the forest to a gravel road and biking a few hundred meters on it I went back in to the forest and got on a very bumpy single track paved with large slippery rocks and roots. Luckily it was mostly pointing down and eventually I gout out to a old sediment pool used by the mining industry.
Think I found some gravel!
Just had to take a shot of the sun hitting straight in to a large drainage pipe.
The road was badly drained though...
There were how ever some bridges over the worst places... ;)
Kept going on the forest roads.
Come across this moose hunting tower with a convenient gun storage located close by if a change of weapon might be done quickly.
Came back to the boring asphalted bike lane again.
There were some places where one could avoid the asphalt momentarily.
Straight on!
Took a small detour over a beach near the bike lane.
Just had to ride in the water now that I was so close. =)
Yet another photo op. emerged.
Started to get late and cold now that the sun was setting.
Time to get back home again!

Got my miles and it felt like I was ready to tackle the Retard!

A short video from one of the trails during the ride, shoot near Gonäs.

GPS-tracking of the route available here:

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