Monday, August 31, 2009

Retardé excercise...

After putting a 44t chain ring on the Pugsley and with 16t gear in the rear I got a bit restless and started to wonder if I could pull it off.

So today I took the bike on a ride around the lake Väsman, the GPS tracked it to 49.40 km.

Got started around 17, there was a hint of rain in the air.
It was windy too and some made it to their advantage.
The heating plant across the water... Used the bike lane built on the old train track.
It has a minimal of lean, the tracks are blasted through the rocks.Very grey skies.
Got a real surprise when I got a bit further, there had previously been a dense forest near this old house and now it was a building site!
Last time I tried to get around the lake I got stopped here because there was a fence in the way, they ere building a new "bridge", now it was done!

From Obnoxiously yours...
Passing the barren wastelands...
Got a chance to try the new (new to me) bike lane from Björnhyttan to Saxdalen. It was the most enjoyable part of the ride! A narrow, winding and super fast section, here I got the fastest speed of the day!
A lame try to capture the feeling.
Suddenly and to fast the paved lane ended in a gravel road with no directions, but the cars on the main road was easy to hear.
Still gray skies and now there was definitely some rain in the air, fortunately in small amounts. Passing through Saxdalen (Rävvåla).
Almost out of Saxdalen I took a gravel path near the kiosk.
Had to pose the bike at a strange monument.
Around half way.
Nice scenery in Sunnansjö.
After the hardest climbing I was back on the big road, passed some old bridge foundations.
After a while I was back on the bike lane. Now with bad head wind! Doh!
Got time to enjoy the scenery.
Still rain in the air.

Remembered there was a nice de-tour available further on, glad I took it, gravel rad and some fun parts!
After that short fun it was bike lane all the way in to Ludvika, around 10km.
Passed under the bridge the second time and the circle was complete!
Map, biked clockwise.

Start time
2009.08.31 17.09.49,48


49.40 km

Speed avg
23.7 km/h

Speed max
45.1 km/h

Pace avg
2:31 min/km

Pace max
1:19 min/km

Conclusion? It worked beyond expectations! Feel a lot more confident now that it will work ok! =)


  1. Dalarna certainly looks beautiful in your photos :-)

  2. Thanks!

    Thought it was a dull and gloomy day but I pressume it has it's own charm. :)

  3. A ride around Väsman needs to be planned with the wind in mind, head wind from Stensbo to Ludvika or from Sunnansjö to Saxdalen...

    Did not think I'd say this but I like the new bridge!