Monday, August 31, 2009

Flatspot and fitness

One week in Åre takes it's toll, both on biker and bike! Managed to get a sweet flatspot on my rear wheel, the Alexrim FR32 rims is made of cheese! :)

Removed the rim strip and cleaned the rim, the "cracks" against the tire had let through a lot of moist and dirt into the wheel. Squeezed the rim in a vice and managed to press the edges back some bit, enough to be used on my Giant Reign.

Put the Mavic-rims on the Froggy and hopefully they will keep together some while more, they have worked well on the Reign several years now so the outlook is good.

Exchanged the disc brake discs on the wheel too and put the Alexrims on the Reign together with the Continental Rubber Queen tires, they are VERY high, both in volume and size. Higher than Schwalbes Big Betty tires.

A bit too tight in the rear but they run free so I will let them stay on the bike a while.

The rims should at least withstand some aggressive cross country biking. =)


  1. Ooops! Quite the ding you have there sir. For me it's Mavic all the way when it comes to rims.

  2. My Sun Ringlé SingleTracks have held up very well despite all the abuse I've put on them. The more expensive version that's fully welded and not the OEM-version that's only spotwelded.

    I've bent my Mavic 729's.

    Would like to try the WTB LaserDisc DH but they are expansive. :(

  3. Never been close to anything like that on my 729, sure some small dents but that's likely on any rim.