Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good therapy...

Went to sleep late last night and I have been a bit irritable all day, quit work early and took the bike for a short ride.

I left the camelbak at home and took only a bottle of water with me, the last rides I have dragged with me both a back back and a camera on the front, a relief to go basic sometimes.

First brake to get some air.
Didn't have to bike far before I had to pass trees that had fallen over the trail, think I passed around 10-15 trees that was over the trail. The heavy snow this winter has taken it's toll!
A few hundred meters further ahead there was a piece of a fairly big log on the trail and I used my foot, while staying on the bike, to try kick the log to the side of the trail and after the first try I had to shift position and I managed to put the foot , with all my weight, on top of the log and the log of course rolled away so I almost made a split in the process! ;)

Passed under the power grid, a bit wet.
Got a few drops of rain on me here.
Nice to visit old trails again that have been inaccessible during the winter season. Had to pass a few wet areas.
There was a footbridge but it ended in to a big rock. =)
On other places the trail was smooth and dry!
And in the end a really great downhill section!
A bit over a hour on the bike and now I'm like a new person! A ride truly makes wonders! =)


  1. That rock looks easy enough to pass on the photo?

    Where is that anyway? Can't seem to remember such a place.

  2. Yes, it's passable. Both entry and exit is a bit technical.

    The passage is after the shelter that's located above Knutsboskolan. I came out at the playing field at the school, there is a few footbridges there too. =)