Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ear+Eye Candy!

As expected I got the second box of stuff today, went to the post office this time the box looked larger and when I got in my hands it felt heavy and promising! =)

The speakers was a bit smaller than I remembered then but after replacing the twice as large old speakers I had no doubts about their capacity.

I like the bright yellow composite material in the main speakers. By the way it's a pair of Creative GIGAWORKS T20 Series II speakers. Almost regret I didn't spend a few extra bucks to get the T40 with dual main speakers...
The power supply looks like a small nuclear reactor and almost as heavy!The bass really only kicks in when playing music loud but if I keep the speakers at work that might be a good thing. :)


  1. Harri, ditt tangentbord gör mig glad. Har tänkt ta med mitt eget till jobbet vilken dag som helst, dom kommer tycka att det är jättemysigt med klickljudet. :)

  2. IBM:s tangetbord är odödliga! Måste ha varit ett antal ingenjörer som jobbat bara med anslagskänslan! =)

    Klickljudet är lite avslöjande om man spelar bara, inte så bra på jobbet, tur man har eget rum. ;)