Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The collect continues...

Went to get my parcel containing a pair of used Hayes Nine brakes.

Got them for 1000:- sek, a totally ok price for both front/read breaks, a pair of rotors and relatively new brake pads! Oh, and almost forgot, a IS to PM adapter. :)

"Silver" break levers and rest painted black, compared to the black levers and "brownish" paint I got on my other pair.

160mm rotors, more than enough for my "light" bike project.

Almost unused pads, just a pair of pads costs ~150:- sek x 2, if not more for sintered ones.

The only part I lack now is a complete headset, I'm missing the top bearing of a used FSA ORBIT XLII I planned to use. :(

Thinking about buying a new one, noticed they had a 1 1/8 PRO headset for only 150:- at Lindbergs cykel, might be worth it just to get a fresh one that's ok...


  1. One of the head sets I have spare is a FSA Orbit Extreme, perhaps the same bearings?

  2. Hmmm, that's is higly likely!

    Is it complete? Perhaps unnessesary to split a working spare, or will you never use it? :)