Thursday, April 16, 2009

Camel mania!

Just got my hand on a new Camelbak bladder, a brand spanking new Camelbak Omega Hydrotanium Reservoir, great with short brand names... :)

The old bladder started to leak where the tube attaches to the bladder.
As a bonus I got a new tube and Big Bite valve!
Cool blue color compared to the dull color the old bladder had.
Hehee.. A bit clearer/cleaner parts than the old one.
As if that wasn't enough about camels the Circus had put up their tent outside work and was out walking their camels. :)
Thinking about purchasing another Camelbak, would be great to be able just to switch to a fresh one quickly, only drawback would be to move all the stuff from one to the other when switching, or get two setups of tools, pumps and spare parts, or just put it in one bag that's easy to move? :)

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  1. I need to buy a whole new CamelBak, mine is falling apart after the eight or so years I've used it. :D But it has been in this deteriorating state for the last couple of years so I reckon' it's gonna hold up another couple.