Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ye olde tune

Having a bad cold right now and not being able to do anything physical I found my self googling on old Atari ST games and remembered a game with a jester that had a tune that I liked, this was perhaps 1988 or 1989, only 20 years ago. =)

After some hardcore powergoogling I managed to find out that the game was called Black Lamp and the character you played was called Jack the Jester. Never finished the game, which was pretty difficult if I remember correctly but the tune got stuck in my mind.

After I found out the games name I could find the title tune on YouTube but still couldn't find the tune I remembered.

This is the title song:

After yet some more googling I located the Atari ST YM2149 archive After downloading the whole archive and unpacking it I had to find a player and there was a link to WinJAM (Just Another Music player). Works great, small and nimble!

Lo and behold, the second track was the tune I was looking for! Wanted to put the tune on the net but didn't know how to 'rip' the music so I started to look for a audio ripper that could rip music directly from the sound card.

Found s software that I think I have used some time before OpD2d. After installing it I noticed that there was a red dot in the JAM-player, after pressing it I could make a WAV-file directly from JAM!! Doh! :)

Choose HD for best sound quality

While looking for the tune on YouTube it turned out that the tune was based on "Greensleeves" also called "What child is this". When thinking about it I suppose I have heard it sometime.

Found several versions on YouTube:

And yes, I'm getting bored being sick... ;)


  1. Sick again huh? Not good, you need to eat more and sleep way more. ;)

  2. Hehee.. More sleep couldn't be wrong! Not sure about the eating, perhaps more healthier food. :)