Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wasting time...

Just saw the movie Spun, the move had totally gone me by, was looking for Paola with the song Above the candystore and there was a reference to Spun. Turned out it's directed by Jonas Åkerlund and he seems to gather a lot of well know and some less well knows actors in this movie. It was released in 2002. Don't know where I was when it was announced..

Apparently, according to IMDB the move includes over 5000 edits and that is a record!
Being a music video editor sure has some drawbacks. =)

Lots of Swedish references, the most bizarre is when they leave a truck stop and you hear some Swedish dance band music!

It was a at times really good but some times it was like a parody, perhaps it was on purpose and made me laugh out loud a few times. =)

Also saw the latest Futurama movie - Into The Wild Green Yonder, the fourth and last one of the announced movies. One of the better ones!

I hope all four will be released in one box soon!

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