Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Practice run x 2

Got a mail with a question from Tobbe if I wished to join in on a push-bike session this afternoon, would have been fun but both time and specially my shoulders told me that I shouldn't go biking a third day in a short time.

I decided how ever to go to the slope and try shoot some photos as practice for the upcoming trip.

Rushed home grabbed my camera and some gear and headed to the "track", felt I was a bit late and of course the train had to pass just as I was getting there...
Turned out I wasn't that late, catched Tobbe in his first run.
Then he had to get back up again.
Second run, had problems finding a good spot for shooting.
Meanwhile tobbe pushed his bike up once again.
I had some time over between the runs....
Tobbes last run and I finally nailed a decent shot!
When getting back to the road I managed to walk past tobbe and shoot a few more shots when he passed me on the trail.
Now the sun was starting to set and it was soon time for sushi!
I had some time over so I took the moment to immortalize the sunset.
Got home dumped the gear and met up with the others for sushi! We got a extra piece, calamare, today! =)


  1. Looks like you had a perfect day! I enjoyed my visit to your blog. I think your photos are excellent. It is an inspiration to me that you are sticking close to your's time for this slug to get the bike outta the garage and ride!!!! I think I will top off my first spring ride just the way you did, with sushi! Thanks for the fresh viewpoint, Love from Mrs. Slug in Oregon (central coast near Newport) USA

  2. It was hard work in a narrow time frame, but someone has to do it. The one photo is great. :)

    Unless I somehow manage to build the new wheels before the weekend I'll do more push biking...

  3. Looks like a sweet afternoon! And I really like that decent (understatement of the day) shot! A bit of motion blur and snow spray off the back wheel add a sense of speed but still there's focus on Tobbes face and concentration. I also love how the blue rims and frame "pop" in the picture.

  4. I'm just glad he managed to get some kind of feeling for speed in there, it's was the slowest part of the trail and I really went slow. :D

  5. Haha, even more cred to Harri then! :-)

  6. babbler: If I mange to inspire some one it's the best thing I have heard in a long time! Of course you have go and take a ride on the bike! =)

    Newport looks like a beautiful place to bike in!
    Looking forward for a ride report. :)

    Thanks for the comment and have a nice day!

    Tobbe: Git nothing special booked this weekend to I might join in. :)

    Micke: Thanks again! =)

  7. Wish I knew! Gittan? ;)

    I'll make a new try:
    Got nothing special booked this weekend so I might join in. (made some more sense(I hope!))