Thursday, March 19, 2009

More defective stuff! (Update: 2)

As if the previous stuff that's broken wasn't enough I remembered that my somewhat new Casio Edifice had lost a screw on the front of the watch, the screws is only there for the appearance of the watch but with one screw missing it looks kind of "broken". =(

It's the upper right screw that's missing. If I still had the screw I could glue it back but it's gone.

The Casio was a fairly inexpensive watch that I bought while I was figuring out what watch I really wanted. I served me well and I was positively surprised how well built it was and it's very accurate.

It filled my basic requirements, analogue display, hardened glass, date window, steel bracelet and water resistant.
I bought it on Internet from Stjärnurmakarna and they have a free extended warranty the first year, I located the papers I got with the watch and the warranty ends in May! I sent them a email last night explaining the situation, we'll see what they say...

I hope I don't get the newer version, looks uglier and cheaper than the one I have, it is however more expensive! :)

Update: Got a mail that the shop had contacted the importer considering the screw and that she would return as soon as she got an answer.

Update 2: Stjärnurmakarna sent me a mail explaining that they got hold of a screw for my watch but since it's riveted I have to send the watch to them to get this done properly and they will also check the other three screw so that they are securely in place.

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