Friday, March 20, 2009

Last snow ride?

Yesterday I took a hour after lunch to go for a ride, it was a very nice sunny day but the temperature during the night had been well below zero degrees Celsius so there was a good chance of hard packed snow trails in the woods.

Turned out to be somewhat accurate about the hard trails but the spots where the sun had reached was a bit slushy!

A few shots from the ride:

"the_TnT" displaying his thought about the slush.
A short but fun single trail through a small forest area.
Another shot, same place.
I'll see if I can mange to post a few more photos soon.

Had no water with me and I was totally depleted after hardly an hours ride! Had fun anyway! =)


  1. Last snow ride? Oh how I wish! I'm fed up with this white crap everywhere :-/ Looks like you had a nice ride though.

  2. Hehee. Ok, I should rephrase that to 'last _fun_ snowride'. :)

    It will take a while before it's gone, keeping my fingers crossed that it will happen soon!

  3. We've got about 70 cm to go so it'll be "a while"... Spain is the light in the tunnel though :-)

  4. I took another spin around Marnästjärn, that path was hard packed!

    Then I went around Högberget and up the difficult climb from Ludvika Gård. It was not a difficult climb in the sorbet, it was an impossible one. :D

  5. Ah, can imagine! Hehee.. If it's the one I think you mean it's diffucult even in summertime!