Friday, March 13, 2009

Involuntary re-cycling.

Ok, I can be a bit tight-fisted sometimes but this time it wasn't (just) about the money. A month or so ago I noticed the rear window wiper on my Suzuki Swift was in bad shape. Decided to buy a new one when I visited Biltema (they have a large selection of spare parts and car accessories). I knew the wiper was really short so I bought the shortest one they had.

When I came back to the car I thought I'd better change it at once, turned out that their shortest wiper was way too long! So I had to return it and keep using my torn rear screen wiper...

Ok, I live next to a car dealer that sells Suzuki and I could probably buy a original Suzuki rear screen wiper there but there's that little thing to remember to do it while they are open! =)

Last night it hit me that I probably could exchange just the wiper rubber from an other wiper, just cut it shorter first. When I got home from work today I actually thought I'd pop in to the car dealer and buy one but as usually they had closed the shop before I got home.

Remembered my idea and took the wiper with me home and found a used wiper I could take parts from to replace the wiper rubber.

Started operation "Wiper"!

Separated the 'blade' from the toy car wiper. The wiper length is about 26cm! (~10 inches).

Pryed open the metal arms that kept the blade on place on the old wiper.

Removed the metal blades that's embedded in narrow slots in the sides of the wiper blade.

Cut the long rubber blade from the used wiper with a pair of scissors and used the thin metal blades from the original blade, easier than try cut the long ones shorter! :)

Ta daa! Almost as good as new! Not only cheap but good for the environment too! Still got the other half of the old rubber wiper that will be way enough for another 'operation' when this one wears out! =)

Now it's just a matter of using it and see if how long it will hold together...


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  3. Ok, thanks. It's perhaps a bit better but it takes a while to get to China and back. =)