Thursday, March 12, 2009

After work!

The days are really getting longer, no problem to go for a bike ride after work now!

Since I just had a cold I decided to take a easy ride today, but as usually it didn't go so well. :)

There was a hint of sun on the sky behind the clouds so I went to the shore of lake Väsman in an attempt to maximise the chance of getting some sun on me.

Took the path parallel to the drained stream.
And went under the railroad bridge.
Found a tree to lean on.
Lots of ducks seemed to have the same idea I had about being in the sun.
They left some tracks before flying off into the horizon!
Well, I can take photos without them being in it, don't mind me!
After a while a decided to get to the other beach, went a bit over the top with the PP on this.
The snow crust is now so hard that I could bike on the snowmobile tracks with my skinny Schwalbe Ice Spikers without problem!
Crust closeup.
Time to move on.
Decided to try bike a tricky trail over a small cape, during the summer it's a real sport trying to make the whole trail without putting a foot down, I have only managed to do that a few times over the years but now there was a very narrow and bumpy track and I only managed to bike a few meters at a time and my pulse and breathing went up significantly more than I had planned on this ride! :)

It was a short trip in distance but it took almost an hour "door to door", perhaps it was for the best considering my recent cold but It felt like I had some strength in me after all! Hopefully I'll soon be as well I was before he cold! :)


  1. So it was like 20 minutes biking, 40 minutes photo? :D

  2. Something like that, but the photographing was intence! Or was it the other way around?!? =)